Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Designer

Top Reasons To Hire  Professional Designer

For many these days it can be tempting to try saving money by creating your logo, branded social media content, and ads through the use of apps. There are a plethora of be your own designer options, however working with a professional provides several distinct advantages over DIYing your company's branding and advertising. Here are my top three reasons to hire a professional graphic designer over going it alone.

1.0 - Elevated Concepts and Clean Design

A great visual identity designer will get to know you, your company, and your customers. When I take on a new client at Akari Design Studio I ensure that I really get to know them, their goals, vision and needs. Really talented brand identity designers will be able to take your initial concepts to the next level and provide you with more than a logo, because a logo is only one piece of your branding. Professional brand stylists and graphic designers will provide you with colors, font suggestions, and a branding guide so you and your employees know how to  carry the look and culture that has been encapsulated by an awesome visual identity design.

2.0 - Investing in Yourself and Your Business increases Brand Awareness (and Profits)

When you take the time to get serious about your branding customers will notice. When you hire a professional brand strategist who gives you the elevated design and guidance we talked about your branding has an identity that creates a connection between the company and its customers. This brand identity creates loyalty and awareness. A consistent look conveys to your customers that you are a professional they can trust.

3.0 - Reduced Stress and Fresh Insight

DIYing it can be both fun and frustrating, and it always comes with a learning curve. You have enough to handle in the day-to-day of a business and working with a professional visual identity designer takes the hassle of picking colors, textures, and fonts out of your hands. A truly talented brand stylist and graphic designer provides guidance that will help you define a look that speaks to your company culture and vision. Professional brand identity designers will also understand color theory and font pairing in ways that you may not even consider. Gaining this kind of knowledge from an experienced source saves you research time and trial and error efforts.

Final Thoughts...

Whether you're just starting out or have an established business that needs an updated look, working with a professional graphic designer and brand stylist provides distinct advantages versus going it alone in the world of branding. Graphic designers have the ability to guide you in conceptualizing the perfect look and feel for your branded pieces - beyond a logo.