5 Basic Logos to Consider When Creating Your Brand

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If you want to build a solid business, an awesome logo and brand design is essential. As we talked about in our last post getting connected to a professional graphic design will ensure you get a great logo that’s designed in a way that creates a loyal customer base, and a defined look for your company and its marketing materials. Logos visually represent your business and its beliefs, values, and mission. When you start down the road of logo creation it’s a good idea to figure out what kind of logo you want. There about 5 basic types of logos that can get you started in defining the look of your brand.


This type of logo represents a business without any text. These logos are often simple and distinctive. Apple is a great example.

Word Mark:

A word mark is a typographic logo that utilizes the name of the company and a striking font. Brands such as Google or Coca-Cola are good examples of a word mark.

Letter Mark/Initial:

Letter mark logos are typographic and use the initials of the company for a simple, but striking design. This can be a good choice if your company has a long or difficult to pronounce name. IBM or HP are both companies that use a letter mark.

Combination Mark:

These logos combine the symbol and wordmark logo styles into one. Combination marks are useful because the elements typically separate well so your business can utilize the symbol and wordmark separately as needed. A good example is Target.


These logos enclose the name of the brand in the design like Starbucks, Paramount, or UPS.

It’s important for you to take into consideration how your logo will carry over to marketing materials, product packaging, and digital assets. Color will also be important in you overall brand identity. Your logo designer should be able to help you with these concerns.

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