Are You Ready For A Rebrand

Do I need to rebrand

Have you ever slipped into a favorite pair of jeans and noticed that they don’t quite fit like they used too, maybe they are too snug or loose, or perhaps just not quite your style anymore? I think we have all been there, it’s like when you’re a kid and you hate mushrooms or onions, then you become an adult and realize they are so bad… or how wine is an acquired taste.

Your brand and business are much the same, they evolve over time, just like you! And occasionally, you may need to fresh-up your look and brand identity to fit with your matured business.

Here are a few tips to help you know when you may be ready for a rebrand!

1.0   – You want to freshen up and old image: Maybe you don’t need to, or can’t totally ditch your logo or name – especially if you affiliated with a corporate parent – but sometimes an updated look can inject new life into you marketing and customer base. Your business may need to reposition itself or ditch the 90’s look for some thing modern that will catch your customer’s eye.

2.0   – Your brand no longer matches your company’s mission: This can go along with just needing a refresh. As businesses evolve their missions will too. You may start off with a broad idea and define yourself or perhaps you grow the services or products you provide. Either way, when your business grows your branding must evolve with it.

3.0   – You’re failing to differentiate your brand from competitors: This seems understandable, you want to highlight what makes you and your business unique and different so that you can attract the right customers. If you look just like your competitors, potential clients won’t be able to see you as being memorable or develop brand loyalty. If you think your business is blending into the crowd, it’s time to rebrand and define your look!

4.0   – Your market or demographic has evolved: Similarly to a change in your companies mission, you may change your target audience over time. It’s important to develop a brand identity that will speak to the consumers you’re looking to attach. Working with a professional and experienced designers and brand strategist will help you develop the look you need to gain the customer base you want.

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