Why I (Like To) Use Squarespace

Why I Design Websites on Squarespace

There are tons of options these days when it comes to website building and when I design a website for my clients I usually recommend we go with Squarespace. Squarespace is a super well-known brand and is extremely user friendly! While there can be concerns about the relative lack of flexibility and customization when compared to WordPress, I find it much easier for my clients to maintain a Squarespace website, and it is much easier to train others on how to use and maintain their Squarespace site.

Personally, I have always found WordPress to be clunky and a bit unfriendly. I have worked on several WordPress sites and I never seem to find them as beautifully designed as anything on Squarespace, and while the flexibility is cool, it can make for a pain-in-the-*** back-end editor. Most of my clients aren’t the most tech savvy and as nice as repeat customers are, I want the businesses I work with to feel like they can maintain their websites independently.

Squarespace is great because they already have gorgeous templates and I have found that I can nearly always match one to my client’s needs. The limited selection of templates can also keep you or your clients from over thinking their web design! I like to select a few templates for my clients to pick from that will meet their style needs and complement their brand.

 As I said earlier, the back-end of their templates is easy to learn and easy to teach. The ability to drag and drop items on your pages makes editing and setting up new pages super easy! You don’t need to know any code, which again is great for clients! For me that simplicity is key. I don’t want to spend a ton of time maintaining my websites, and since I work with small business and solopreneurs, I know they don’t have a whole lot of time to fiddle around with a difficult website.

What do you think about Squarespace? Do you find it preferable for your clients? Let me know!