Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Logo

Should You DIY Your Logo

These days a logo is just one piece in the branding puzzle and because a professionally designed logo and branded content can be a large investment for a business, especially one just starting out, it can be really tempting to DIY your logo design. With so many anyone-can-be-a-designer applications – like Canva – it seems easy to attempt making your own logo design. Unfortunately, attempting to create your own logo is often more of a hassle than it’s worth and can cause brand identity issues as your business grows.

When you try to create your own logo, you are starting at a disadvantage. Typefaces, color choices, and how the design and its elements will play into your over-arching brand strategy are considerations that a professional designer is able to visualize during logo and brand conception. There are many steps involved in the conceptualization of a brand and when you don’t have the requisite experience and knowledge involved in brand design and development the logo design often comes out amateurish with mismatch fonts, colors, or a generally busy design that doesn’t truly reflect your company’s mission and culture.

I would not attempt to reroof my home because I know nothing about roofing, and while it may be cheaper to order the supplies and get up there myself, I would end up doing more harm than good. Logo design and branding is the same! The logo isn’t even the first step in my brand development process. Learning about my client’s business, design preferences, developing a mood board, sketching logos, and creating a vector takes countless hours of work. I have lots of communication with my client and am considering the future of their business and how their brand will grow and potentially evolve.

Every color, font, and associated pattern is created to carry over to every piece of marketing or material that represents the business. When you take an hour or even a few hours to put a logo together on your own you may not realize how much weight this has on your business’ identity. A DIY logo often comes out looking that way and it’s not usually something businesses end up feeling terribly proud of. Even if you are a creative person with a good eye, a professional designer and brand strategist will always be able to bring clarity to vision and create a logo that communicates your company’s personality at a glance.

As I have said before, your branding is an investment! Don’t take your logo design lightly because it will be the visual marker for your business. DIY logos create more challenges for businesses than they are worth, and because of their amateurish look often don’t make a positive impact on your potential customers.

What’s your experience with branding or logo design? Do you agree or disagree that DIY logos are a bad idea for your business? Let me know! Be sure to comment below and follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest from Akari Design Studio.