Illustrator for Non-Designers: Select and Resize

Basics of adobe illustrator

Welcome to Illustrator for non-designers! This is a very basic introduction to Adobe Illustrator and is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners gain an understanding of how to use some of the essential tools in Illustrator to improve their graphics! In this video I will cover the basics of the selection tool and how to resize an object. Below you’ll find the video and a transcription of the audio, thanks for watching!

Learn how to select, move, rotate, and resize an object in Adobe Illustrator CC. Selecting multiple objects will be in a separate video.Thanks for watching! You can follow me on Instagram @akaridesignstudio, Facebook @akaridesigngroup, read some of my blogs, see more videos, or get a transcription of this video on my website

Hi everyone, welcome Illustrator for Non-Designers, from Akari Design Studio, my name is Gen and today we will go over what are probably the most basic things you will need to know how to do in Illustrator, which is selecting objects and resizing objects.

These tutorials are meant to be a very high-level, as in surface level, tutorial that will give you knowledge of basic functions in Adobe Illustrator.

So, I am using Adobe Illustrator CC. In this document everything I will be working with is on a single layer.

Layers are basically a way to organize your artwork, but we won’t worry about that for now.

So, I have this document that I set up for this tutorial, it’s and Instagram story – which as a side note you can get this story template, blank obviously, plus 2 additional matching templates by signing up for my email list. I put freebies like this out every month.

Okay, to get started I want to tell you about the Toolbar and the Selection Tool.

The Toolbar is this panel over to the left. I have my panel extended, yours may not be, it may be all in one line like this [changes Toobar] it doesn’t really matter either way.

The Selection Tool is this top, or top left arrow. It looks like a cursor outline.

-        This other filled arrow is the direct select tool, which we will not go over in this lesson.

So if we click the selection tool (if it’s not already selected) and then click on an object on our page you’ll notice that we get this blue box, this is call a bounding box.

-        If you do not see the bounding box then you can go to View/Show Bounding Box, mine says hide because I have my bounding box on.

o   You can also hit Control+Shift +B on windows or Command+Shift+B on Mac.

-        Okay so the bounding box will be needed to resize the object, so make sure you have it turned on

-        You just click an object with the selection tool to select it

-        You can take this object and click, hold, and drag the object to move it around or click, hold, and drag a different object to move it around

-        Now if we wanted to rotate an object, say this text, we can bring our cursor just out side of one of these little white boxes on our bounding box and you see we get these little curved arrows.

o   Just click, hold, and drag and now we are rotating our object. You can release when you get to the angle you want.

§  I am going to set that back to normal by pressing Control+Z or Command+Z to undo.

§  Okay so if we go to rotate our object again but hold down the Shift button while we do it the object will rotate at 45 degree intervals.

·        Always release the mouse button first if you release Shift first your object will stop rotating at 45 degree intervals if you keep rotating it

§  And Control Z or Command Z to undo

Okay so now we are going to resize an object.

-        Resizing is super easy. All we need to do is move our cursor onto one of these little white boxes on the bounding box, and we get this little double arrow.

-        You can click and drag

-        So in this case out object, has gotten distorted and we need to resize proportionally.

o   To do this hold down shift while you resize.

§  Always release the mouse button first if you release Shift your object will stop proportionally resizing

o   So we can resize any direction we want, but what about resizing from center?

§  Hold Shift+Alt to resize proportionally from center or just Alt to resize from center

Graphic Design 101 How to Select and Resize in Adobe Illustrator

There are some additional ways to resize an object that I will not be going over in this lesson some of the additional tools and options will be covered at a later time. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. Please let me know your thoughts or if you have any additional questions below. Also, let me know if there is something in particular you’d like to learn! I’ll be putting out a video at least every week. Thanks so much. This was Gen from Akari Design Studio. You can follow me on Instagram @akaridesignstudio, Facebook @akaridesigngroup, read some of my blogs or see more videos on my website, thanks again!

What did you think about the tutorial? Are there other things in Illustrator that you'd like to learn? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to comment below!

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