Mood Board Monday: Brand Styling Examples and Inspiration

Brand Identity Mood board

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first Mood Board Monday post! I wanted to start every week with a little branding and style inspiration which is why I have implemented Mood Board Mondays. I will be putting up 3 or 4 different color palettes and mini mood boards to match them, plus giving insight as to what type of business might use these, the impressions given by the color choices, the photo styling, etc. I really hope that these days can serve to give businesses, bloggers, and solopreneurs out there inspiration for their brand styling and social media styling!

Pink Mint Teal Brand Identity

So, this first palette is probably my favorite, big surprise! The colors are strikingly similar to my own. I love this palette because of the fun, friendly vibe it gives off. Pink is seen as a feminine color in the US and is often associated with playfulness – although sometimes silliness or non-seriousness is a negative value of pink. I also really love the light blue and teal in this palette. Both teal and light blue are associated with calmness, and light blue is often linked to creativity. The nice warm beige tones are friendly and less sterile than just white. I could easily see these colors being used by a creative entrepreneur or lifestyle blogger. Although pink is not the most mature of colors its fun nature is well suited to a more casual brand identity. Social media styling might be fun and slightly punky like the example below.

Pink Mint Teal Social Media Post

Food Blog Brand Identity

This next mood board I created with a food blogger in mind. Bright green is often associated with energy and health and the photos I selected are all of fresh, healthy foods. Bright colored foods just look delicious and this vibrant palette is perfect for a chef, blogger, or restaurant who’s brand personality matches. All of these colors display a lot of energy. Orange and red are especially colors that are associated with energy. Red is also associated more with power and passion and it’s one of, if not the most, attention grabbing colors. A social media post for this palette would likely just be pictures of vibrant food, but may look something like this:

Food blog social media style

Lemon Blue Brand Identity

This last palette is a bit of a departure from the previous two in style in how serine it is. Blues are calming tones, and this seems to me like a lifestyle blogger or spa, perhaps with a slight tilt towards luxury. The relaxing tones are a perfect match for a beach resort as well. Blue is a very versatile color and it could easily be for used for a food blog. Blue is the most popular color. Blue is also a color that has a tone of intelligence and authoritativeness. Many corporations have blue logos (HP, IBM, Amex, etc.) Mostly this would match a brand that wants to project calmness, and perhaps a sense of stability. Again, I think that this social media page would be lots of photos only, however for post variety you may see something like this:

Lemon Blue Instagram Post

What do you think about these mood boards? Did you find any inspiration in these styles? I’d love to hear from you!

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