Illustrator For Non-Designer: How to Create Basic Shapes In Adobe Illustrator

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Welcome to Illustrator for non-designers! This is a very basic introduction to Adobe Illustrator and is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners gain an understanding of how to use some of the essential tools in Illustrator to improve their graphics! In this video I will cover how to create basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator. Below you’ll find a transcription of the audio, thanks for watching!

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Hi everyone, welcome Illustrator for Non-Designers, from Akari Design Studio, my name is Gen and today we will go over how to create basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator.

So, I am just going to jump right in with today’s video and get started by grabbing the rectangle tool. It’s this rectangle over here, on our toolbar. You can also press M on your keyboard to switch from whatever tool you’re on to the rectangle tool.

So now that we have our rectangle tool we are simply going to click and drag to draw a box – and release when you have the size and proportion you want. Okay, I am going to hit backspace and delete that.

If you want to draw a square, you simply hold down shift while you are creating your rectangle – make sure you release your mouse button first, if you let go of the shift button your square will no longer be a square.

Okay, so going back to our tool bar you can see there is a little white triangle in the corner of the rectangle tool – that indicates that there are more options – so if we right click, you will see that we get this little menu of various shapes – the rounded rectangle, ellipse, polygon, star, and flare tool – I am going to go through all of these except the flare tool because I don’t think most of you will need to worry about that one at this time.

The rounded rectangle makes rectangles with rounded corners. You will click and drag to create the shape, and if you want a square, hold down shift – just like the rectangle tool.

-        Side note, you can make the corners rounder or round the corners of a regular rectangle by coming over to one of these little dots in the corner and pulling it inward. If you want the corners to be less round, you can grab this little dot and pull it outward.

Next the ellipse, same thing, click and drag. If you want a perfect circle, you can hold down shift.

-        If you want to turn your circle into a Pac-man you can grab this little dot out here and drag it.

Okay, the polygon tool – the polygon tool can be used to make multisided objects – or polygons – that are not squares.

-        If you want to make a triangle, you will double click the polygon tool to bring up more options and set the number of sides to three. Boom, we have a triangle. You can now click and drag, and the polygon tool will make more triangles. Let’s delete those.

-        If you want to make a pentagon or hexagon, or whatever, you can double click the polygon tool, set the number of sides and you will have your object.

o   You can also round the corners of these by clicking and dragging on the little dot in the corner.

Okay, so one other thing, the polygon tool makes equilateral triangles – if you want a right angle triangle like the one on this board you can make a square with your rectangle tool, come down to this tool here – the pen tool – go to one of these little squares in the corner, it’s called an anchor point, you see our pen tool has a minus sign now, and click to delete the anchor point – you have a 90 degree triangle.

All right, last, we have the star tool which makes stars – no surprise there. You can double click to bring up more options where you can set the number of points, as well as the outer and inner radius. If we set this to 20 points, outer radius of 36 and inner radius of 30, we get this little star burst badge thing. You should just play around with that to get to know how that will affect your star shape.

So that is going to wrap up creating basics shapes. There will be another video later on that gets into more about shapes. In the next video I will bring together some of the things we have gone over thus far and teach you how to make a couple simple graphics, and after that I will get back to the type tool options. As always, please let me know your thoughts or if you have any additional questions below. Also, let me know if there is something in particular you’d like to learn!  I’ll be putting out a video at least every week. Thanks so much. This was Gen from Akari Design Studio. You can follow me on Instagram @akaridesignstudio, Facebook @akaridesigngroup, read some of my blogs or see more videos on my website, thanks again!