Mood Board Monday: Design Inspiration Board

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Hey! Welcome back to Mood Board Monday! These posts are meant to provide branding and social media styling inspiration. I have included textures, images – which can be found on Pexels and used for free – plus, some cute patterns made by yours truly! I decided to expand the mood boards so that they are more useful and more specifically styled. I will be putting up just one mood board with a specific color palette, photos, and a pattern to match it. In addition to that, I will be giving insight as to what type of business might use the featured board, the impressions given by the color choices, the photo styling, etc. I really hope that these days can serve to give businesses, bloggers, and solopreneurs out there inspiration for their brand styling and social media styling!

For those of you who may not know: a mood board is an inspiration board for a brand or business that brings together images, colors, and textures that are meant to evoke particular emotions or bring to mind a certain personality and style. Mood boards can be used to help a business or entrepreneur stay on brand when they create social media posts, advertisements, and other visual assets. Mood boards can help you take the right kinds of photos too! Basically, mood boards, or style boards, help your brand stay consistent! Consistency is a key part of branding. It builds trust and loyalty with your clients and helps to increase brand awareness and recognition.

This week the featured mood board’s main colors are black, grey, and white, plus pops of colors. In this case I chose navy blue and bright pink, but any colors could work with a black and white theme. Black has a lot of different connotations, it can be associated with death and depression on the negative spectrum or prestige, luxury, and sophistication on the positive spectrum. For this mood board I am obviously going for sophistication. I lightened up the mood by adding pops of bright pink – a very fun, youthful color. Pink is thought of as being feminine and flirty. The navy blue is also a more sophisticated color, but a nice way to break up the blacks and greys. White (and the pink and light grey) brings more lightness to the style board so that it doesn’t end up looking dreary.

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I wanted this board to have youthful elements and chose to create patterns that were fun and flirty, similar to the color pink, but kept them black and white in color. The XOXO pattern and heart pattern were perfect for this board. I hand drew (and wrote) these patterns. To create them I started with some sketching (and writing) and once I had the look I wanted I snapped a quick photo with my phone and dragged the pictures into Photoshop. From there I removed the background and cleaned up the images. Once I had the images cleaned up I exported them using a .png format and brought them into Illustrator where I turned them into vectors.

Vectors are not pixel based and are preferred for design files because they can be resized indefinitely without losing their quality!

I selected images for this board that are predominantly black and white, no surprise there! I wanted the photos to add to the impression that this brand is sophisticated, edgy, and modern. I went with mostly clean, uncluttered photos that are lifestyle focused.  

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I think that this style board would be a great compliment to a lifestyle blogger that likes to carry a more sophisticated tone, or perhaps a photographer. It would also work well for skin care, or even a fitness and health blogger! Really, black is a versatile color. Black and white themes are great for a brand whose core personality involves elegance. As I said earlier, I wanted to add pops of color to lighten the tone and seriousness of this board and most any color could be paired with a black and white theme. A great alternative could be a blush tone as opposed to bright pink. Blush is more subdued and would match the sophistication of the black and white theme where pink adds a spunky dimension to this style board.

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I love this mood board because to me it feels a little edgy while also remaining elegant. I really wanted that style to come through in every aspect – from the pictures, to the colors, and the patterns. I hope you were able to find some design and branding inspiration in this mood board! Next week we will be going a totally different direction with a more earthy/natural vibe! So be sure to stayed tuned for the next Mood Board Monday post!

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Now, I would love to hear from you! What did you think about this style board? What kind of brands do you see using a mood board like this one? What colors would you pair with a black and white theme like this one?

Please be sure to comment below!

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