Illustrator for Non-Designers: The Type Tool Part One

Create text in adobe illustrator. how to use the type tool in illustrator. adobe illustrator for beginners.

Welcome to Illustrator for non-designers! This is a very basic introduction to Adobe Illustrator and is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners gain an understanding of how to use some of the essential tools in Illustrator to improve their graphics! In this video I will cover the basics of the Type tool. Below you’ll find a transcription of the audio, thanks for watching!

Hi everyone, welcome Illustrator for Non-Designers, from Akari Design Studio, my name is Gen and today we will go over the Type Tool which you will need to create text in Adobe Illustrator.  

So, as always I am using Adobe Illustrator CC.

As a note, these tutorials are meant to be a very high-level, as in surface level, tutorial that will give you knowledge of basic functions in Adobe Illustrator

I have this document set up for this tutorial, it’s and Instagram story – which as a side note you will soon be able to purchase story templates on my website, so look out for that, and you can get free story templates, by signing up for my email list. I put freebies like this out every month.

Okay, to get started we are going to grab our Type Tool. You can do this by either coming over to the tool bar and clicking on this uppercase T or you can press T on your keyboard.

The Toolbar is this panel over to the left. Your Toolbar may be all in one line like this [changes Toolbar] it doesn’t really matter either way.

I’ll show you using hotkeys, just let me go back to my selection tool by pressing V, as in Victor, then to get the Type Tool I press T, as in Tommy.  

So now that we have our type tool we are just going to click on our artboard, approximately were we want to type. You’ll see that I have filler text pop-up, you may just have a blinking cursor. If you would like filler text you can go to edit/preferences/type and check “Fill objects with placeholder text”

-        You can get to your preferences panel faster by pressing control+K or command+K on a Mac. This brings you to the General preferences window and you can select Type from the side menu.

Going back to the type tool, now let’s say we’ve typed whatever we want to have here instead of this filler text, I’m going to go back to my selection tool, or you can click off the text and press V.

-        If you select your type you will see this bounding box and we can make our text larger or smaller.

Let’s go back to our type tool, click and drag to form a box. Now we have a type area and if we manipulate this text box by resizing it or changing its shape only the box changes, the text doesn’t resize.

-        You may want to use a type area in certain situations, and we will talk more about this later on.

Okay so now let’s delete this stuff by simply selecting it and hitting backspace, and I’m just going to type on this artboard.

So if we want to change our font choice we will need to go to our Characters panel along the top, if you’re in Essentials Classic workspace like me, or along the side if you are in the Essentials workspace.

-        Your workspace can be changed up here in this top right menu, next to the search bar.

-        The Characters panel should come up across the top in most of these workspaces.

-        You will notice if we deselect our text the Characters options will go away

So I am going to bring my panel up on the side here so you guys can have a better view, I hit Control+T or Command+T on a Mac to bring this menu out.

-        This top drop down in the Characters window or the left most drop down along the top panel here is how we will select the Font Family, meaning this is how we will pick our font. So you can hit this dropdown and see all of your choices, or if you know what you want you can just type it here.

-        The menu underneath or to the right of the Font Family Menu is the Font Style, this is were you can pick Bold, Italic, Etc.

-        You also see that you have the option to change your text size here or here, to the right of the Font Style Menu.

Now if we want to change our font color we can just come over here to our swatches menu, along the side.

-        If you are in the Essentials workspace you can come up to the Window Menu along the top and go down to Swatches and it will bring up the Swatches panel

-        If you want to match a color on your artboard you can grab the eyedropper over here on the Toolbar or press I on your keyboard and click on the color you want to copy.

-   As a side note you can also copy text style by using the eyedropper on the text you want to copy.

Create text in adobe illustrator. how to use the type tool in illustrator. adobe illustrator for beginners.

So that is going to wrap up part one of the Type Tool. In the next lesson we will talk about some of the different Type Tool variants. As always, please let me know your thoughts or if you have any additional questions below. Also, let me know if there is something in particular you’d like to learn!  I’ll be putting out a video at least every week. Thanks so much. This was Gen from Akari Design Studio. You can follow me on Instagram @akaridesignstudio, Facebook @akaridesigngroup, read some of my blogs or see more videos on my website, thanks again!