Mood Board Monday: Natural Vibe

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Hey! Welcome back to Mood Board Monday! These posts are meant to provide branding and social media styling inspiration. I have included textures, images – which can be found on Pexels and used for free – plus, some cute patterns made by yours truly! Each mood board is specifically styled and intended to evoke particular emotions. Every week I feature just one mood board with a different color palette, vibe, photos, and a pattern to match it. See last week's sleek, black and white mood board here

In addition to that, I give insight as to what type of business might use the featured board, the impressions given by the color choices, the photo styling, etc. I really hope that these days can serve to give businesses, bloggers, and solopreneurs out there inspiration for their brand styling and social media styling!

For those of you who may not know: a mood board is an inspiration board for a brand or business that brings together images, colors, and textures that are meant to evoke particular emotions or bring to mind a certain personality and style. Mood boards can be used to create a general look for your visual branding, or help a business or entrepreneur stay on brand when they create social media posts, advertisements, and other visual assets. Mood boards can help you take the right kinds of photos too! Basically, mood boards, or style boards, help to give you visual direction and stay consistent! And, as I always say, consistency is key for a brand.  

This week the featured mood board is all about green, with a mild brown and some warm grey accents! I chose a very earthy, natural vibe this week because now that it’s April plant life everywhere is really starting to bounce back from the winter! Green is one of the most popular colors in the United States and is often associated with health and wellness. For that reason, I really tried to stick to imagery that brought holistic living to mind. Green generally represents life, renewal, and energy. People who are drawn to the color green are often said to be to-the-point communicators, down-to-earth, and sincere. 

 Healthy brand inspiration. Health mood board. Green natural mood board. Green brand design.

I wanted this board to give off the vibe of healthy, balanced living and I chose to pair it with a quick, hand drawn foliage pattern. I love this pattern with this mood board because it’s a little rough around the edges and feels very natural and earthy. I didn’t want the looks of this mood board to be too polished. I think the greys bring in some sophistication and a sort of clean quality, but overall the colors work together to give off a sort of warmth and openness. 

To make the pattern I quickly hand drew some leaves on a vine, and once I had the look I wanted I snapped a quick photo with my phone and dragged the pictures into Photoshop. From there I removed the background and cleaned the images up and then painted the image. Once I had the images cleaned up and colored the way I wanted them, I exported them using a .png format and brought them into Illustrator where I turned them into vectors.

Reminder, vectors are not pixel based and are preferred for design files because they can be resized indefinitely without losing their quality!

I selected images for this board that are predominantly green with white, grey, and brown accents. I wanted the photos to add to the impression that this brand is open, natural, friendly, and energetic. I added energy into this mood board by adding in some very bright green tones – like the photo of lime slices in seltzer water.

 Green brand design. Branding inspiration. Visual identity green.

I think that this style board would be a great compliment to a healthy or holistic lifestyle blogger that likes to come across as sophisticated and earthy. This board could also work well for a health food store or blogger, even a spa. Because of the tones, this brand would probably associate itself with words like warm, earthy, natural, honest, and trustworthy. Any brand that identifies with those terms could choose a similar color palette.

As a whole, my favorite thing about this mood board is that, to me, it feels warm and natural. This reminds me of a friend that, no matter what amount of time has passed since you last talked, you could pick up the phone and it’s like nothing has changed – they are always there and always consistent. I love that this board inspires health and wellness – this makes self-care feel like a priority. Next time we will be exploring a light-hearted and fun mood board that’s quite a departure from the earth mama vibe of this week! So be sure to stayed tuned for the next Mood Board Monday post!

See last week's sleek, black and white mood board here

Now, I would love to hear from you! What did you think about this style board? What kind of brands do you see using a mood board like this one? What other colors would you pair with a green theme like this one?

Please be sure to comment below!

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