Pinterest Strategies For (New) Bloggers: How I Get 268K+ Pinterest Views (with a small following!)

 How to grow your pinterest account. Using pinterest to grow you blog. 

Pinterest is amazing, and a great tool for growing the online presence of your blog and business. When I first started really using Pinterest for my blog, I started from ZERO. ZILCHE. NOTHING. I literally had no following – not even my Mom.

Over the past couple months, I have researched and refined a Pinning strategy that has gotten me to 268,000+ monthly views – and I have pins that are nearing 50 to 100 repins! I know – 50 pins is small potatoes to some people, but I’m excited to get any repins considering where I started – and you should be too! Generating a following takes time, but if people are finding your content useful and pinning it, then you’re on the right track.

I have also gained traffic to my website solely from pinning and increasing my Pinterest presence. In fact, when I was really working and producing new content consistently my traffic doubled almost immediately. That is one thing about Pinning, Blogging, and Pinterest – you need to be consistent. This is an area I have struggled with in the past few months (even to the point of virtually ignoring my blog/business – more about that another time!)  Even with my struggles, Pinterest has still been driving traffic to my website and I have only posted a few new blogs in that time.

Okay, enough about me! Let’s get down to Pinterest Strategy and how I gained over 260,000 monthly views.

1.      Pin High Quality Content

This can seem tedious and time consuming at first, but you need to make sure the things you’re repining is high quality and reflective of your own content quality.

-        Before I repin or schedule pins I make sure the links work, and if it’s a company or blog I’m unfamiliar with – I skim the article. Taking time to repin content that is useful for myself and others has been huge. I want my followers to know that they can trust me to put out great content and promote great content from others.

-        I think this is probably the biggest thing, which is why it’s number 1. If you have crappy pins and poor SEO, or pin broken links/useless material you won’t get followed or found. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s reality nonetheless.


2.      Schedule Pins

I use Tailwind to schedule pins – about 15 per day. Tailwind is great because it creates optimized times based off of your engagement to schedule your pins. I don’t think the smart schedule is perfect, but it works pretty well and is a great tool for days when you’re too busy to manually pin. Tailwind also has tribes, which are a similar concept to group boards. You can add your pins to your tribes and create better exposure for your content! You can also find great material to pin. On top of all that, tribes are a fantastic way to support other bloggers and entrepreneurs.

 From April to Now: Maybe 15,000 views to nearly 300K

From April to Now: Maybe 15,000 views to nearly 300K

 My Last Two Weeks, Still growing everyday!

My Last Two Weeks, Still growing everyday!

I was a little shy about joining and posting my pins to a tribe at first, but it’s a great tool. I think that Tailwind tribes also help give you insight into whether or not your content and blog images are speaking to people, especially if your Pinterest presence is small!

-        I like to time block and schedule out a few days to a week’s worth of pins at a time. I have a really busy schedule, and this isn’t my only job/business venture, but I can get a week of pins schedule in about 30 minutes.

-        I also heavily utilize my Tailwind tribes for pin scheduling. You can support other solopreneurs and find great content easily!

-        If you want to join Tailwind, use this referral link for a trail. It comes with a credit (and gives me a credit)


3.      Manual Pinning

I know – yuck. It’s true that manual pinning can be very time consuming, however it doesn’t necessarily have to be. I generally hop on Pinterest a couple time per day and pin roughly 5 to 7 things. You can do it on your lunch break or before you sit down for dinner. If you’re checking links and skimming article, you’ll need 5 to 10 minutes.

I am not sure that manual pinning is absolutely necessary, but I do believe that having the combination of manual pinning and Tailwind scheduling has made a difference for me. That being said, I don’t see much of a decline when I get too busy and rely solely on my scheduled pins.


4.      Join Group Boards

Similarly to Tailwind tribes, group boards allow you to create better exposure for your pins. I have not always been very active about participating in group boards, but when I have it’s absolutely made a difference. A group board is a board that has multiple contributors from the same or similar niche. Group boards give you exposure to not only others in your industry, but the followers of that board, and potentially the followers of other contributors that repin your contributed material.

I have only added a couple pins to my group board but the first pin I put out on a group board went from about 10 repins to over 50.


5.      Produce and Pin Great Content

“Produce great content” is the type of advice that’s given everywhere, and doesn’t seem useful, but unfortunately, it’s something that is true and needs to be taken seriously. You can’t just throw together a half thought through blog post and expect people to share it. It’s the same reason I recommend checking links and skimming the blogs of others – if it isn’t share worthy don’t write it or promote it because it won’t help you grow.

-        I feel like that’s really harsh and I’m sorry, but it’s honestly something that I myself had to learn and am still working on. I am always trying to improve my writing and figure out what my target audience wants to know – and how I can help them learn it. Sometimes I miss the mark, but I keep at it and am slowly growing!


6.      Consider BoardBooster

I recently did a trial of BoardBooster and I’m going to be signing up for the long haul. It’s a pretty awesome tool – you can clear duplicate pins and loop your boards (repin from your boards). When I tested it, I saw an immediate increase in my Pinterest views and engagement.



Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic and build a following. By using a combination of automated pinning and manual pinning I have been able to grow my Pinterest from absolute 0 to over 268K monthly views. I am also up to 93 followers – even with my struggles to be consistent.

The biggest growth factors for me have been pinning and putting out high quality content and scheduling. I do think that manually pinning is extremely useful, but if you are pressed for time and just can’t seem to do it – sign up for Tailwind and schedule your pins.

Tailwind was what initially exploded my Pinterest growth.

 How to grow your pinterest account. Using pinterest to grow you blog.  Pinterest strategies for bloggers. 

Remember that building your blog and business takes time and patience. It’s not an easy road and there will be times when you feel discouraged, but you can do it! I have been through plenty of emotional ups and downs since starting this journey, trust me!

Are you on Pinterest? Do you find it helps your traffic or that there is a correlation between Pinterest views and your blog growth? What tactics do you use to increase your Pinterest views?

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