Debbie Mood Board Branding Logo design

Logo Design and Brand Identity

This project was for a real estate agent named Debbie who wanted to develop a defining look to differentiate herself from other brokers. 

Debbie had strong ideas about the type of look she wanted and the fact that she wanted to play of off her name. She really liked the idea of having a bee as her mark and I developed a unique icon for her logo. 

Working with Debbie was a wonderful experience! As an experienced professional she knew exactly what she wanted and really took the time to develop a clear vision for her future and her brand. This process took just 2 weeks!

We started with a brand identity workbook, which I have all of my clients fill out to help me better understand their preferences, business goals, and target audience. After that I had Debbie give me samples of items she likes, brands she admired, and ads she had done in the past.

Once I had all the requisite materials from Debbie I began to put together a mood board for hers to show her the possible look and feel of her brand, as well as color schemes.

Once she picked her preferred style and colors, I moved on to sketching and vectoring logo options, from here we went through 2 rounds of revisions on her favorite logo design.

Debbie also had an email signature, business cars, and a flyer template created to match her branding. On the left is the final mood board and her email signature design. 

Included in Debbie's design package where a custom logo, alt logo, business card design, flyer design, email signature, brand guide with mood board, signature pattern, and watermark.