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Brand Identity For PoundTown Gym

PoundTown is a strength and conditioning focused gym that wanted to stand out from the typical lifting gym – you know, the one that has distressed text and a picture of a loaded barbell, or a dog with spiked collar, or someone lifting – however the owner, Jordan, did wish to see some type of fitness elements. Needless to say, this was a bit of a tricky situation because Jordan wanted fitness elements, and an athletic look, but he also wanted to those elements to be distinct from other fitness establishments.

Since this gym is centered around lifting we did incorporate a barbell into his logo design, however, we left it unloaded and used it as line. I chose a clean, but still sporty typeface in Bebas Kai, and a friendly, welcoming font with Maveric. This gym caters to men and women, so we chose fairly gender-neutral colors. The biggest factors in this brand were that it needed to be sporty, friendly, and energetic.