Pinterest Strategies For (New) Bloggers: How I Get 268K+ Pinterest Views (with a small following!)

Pinterest is amazing, and a great tool for growing the online presence of your blog and business. When I first started really using Pinterest for my blog, I started from ZERO. ZILCHE. NOTHING. I literally had no following – not even my Mom.

Business Tips: Early Lessons Learned from Running A Creative Business and Blog

Working for yourself is a dream for many, but it’s also incredibly difficult and emotional. Something I wasn’t fully prepared for when I went out on my own was how up and down I would feel about my blog and business. I can remember being at work, being bored, and spending half of my day doodling, cruising social media, or just blankly staring at my computer – pretending to be busy. I longed for entrepreneurship for years.

How to DIY Your Brand – Part 2: Developing a Visual Direction

Hey guys! Welcome back to the “How to DIY Your Brand.” I am basically trying to take you guys through a mini-course that will help you develop your own visual identity. These blog posts are outlining a light version of the branding process for clients and applying it in a way that I am hoping really helps you create your own visual identity! You can use these tips to simply give yourself a visual direction and more cohesive look or you can go full bore and design your own logo. This is part two of what will be a three-part series – I know, it’s a little long, but I want the information to be bite-sized and easily digestible, so please bear with me! Your branding should take a lot of time and research. You don’t want to end up looking like everybody else.